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Witching Hour in conspiracy with Sun & Moon Records

Sun & Moon Records in conspiracy with the German'sWitching Hour is proud to to announce the upcoming release of "Where Pale Winds Take Them High​.​.​." CD 2021.


The vinyl only 12" MLP from 2014 now available on CD, for the first time. CD contains the "Where Pale Winds Take Them High... " MLP, split songs from the Witching Hour / Division Speed ‎– Antichrist Warfare Split 10" LP and the band's first and only demo "Arrival Of The Dark Throne", plus some really great covers from Slayer, Motörhead, Sarcofago & Goatlord, a real collectors item!
17 songs, CD jewel case, all songs are remastered for this compilation CD!
A real masterpiece of German blackened thrash heavy metal madness! will be out this Spring!