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Satans Cross contract and song premier

Satan's Cross from Mexico signed to Sun & Moon Records!


Announcement from Sun & Moon Records:

"New signing: Satan's Cross from Mexico

Ladies and gentlemen please welcome in Sun & Moon Records camp the occult, horror & magic Black Metal duo: Satan's Cross from Mexico City!

The music of Satan's Cross deeply rooted in '80s heavy metal & doom influences from '90s occult Black Metal, if you are into bands like Black Hole, Paul Chain, Violet Theatre, Mortuary Drape, Master's Hammer, Tudor, Sabbat, Flames of Hell, Nifelheim, Venom and Mercyful Fate, Satan's Cross will be your friend!

The new mini album "Celebration of the Fallen" will be released in February 2020, and here is the first single from the MCD, called "First of the Fallen", share, listen & worship Satan!"