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Rites of the Black Mass 3, 18 – 20.10.2018

Due to the fact that in social media appeared some rumours in regards to this year edition, we can confirm you that the festival will take place as scheduled and also that this will be the last edition of the festival. So, in the period 18th – 20th of October we will meet in Bucharest with bands like Candlemass, Marduk, Tiamat, Melechesh, Ragnarok, Secrets of the Moon etc.


In this moment we are working on the production of the event and as we already announced on the first night of the festival Marduk will headline, Tiamat being scheduled for Friday, 19th of October while Candlemass will be on stage on the third night of the event. Once all the details regarding the flights of the bands will be arranged we will offer you both the daily split of the bands and also the full schedule of the festival.

Besides the already confirmed bands we have one more new name confirmed for this edition – melodic death metal act Soulline. The band is coming to Romania from Switzerland and has already released 4 studio albums and toured Europe with bands like Vader, Moonspell, Illdisposed, Rotting Christ etc.
The venue for this edition festival will be Romexpo, Pavilion C. The venue is located in Buchares,t District 1, on the Marasti no 65 - 67 Boulevard. The venue has a capacity of aprox 2.000, therefor in this moment there are enough tickets for the event.
The tickets can be purchased via
We want to apologise for the silence that appeared in the last couple of weeks, that happened due to couple of challenges that appeared and also we are sorry for all the rumours that appeared.