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Nuclear War Now! Fest Volume V

Nuclear War Now! Fest Volume V | Nov. 4th & 5th 2016 | BUY YOUR TICKETS NOW!

Organized in conspiracy with the Iron Bonehead clan…

Nuclear War Now! Productions and Iron Bonehead Productions continue the campaign of terror known as the Nuclear War Now! Fest. Begun in 2009, the fest has become a mainstay of the international underground metal scene.

Holocausto (Brazil)
Death Yell (Chile)
Antichrist (Canada)
Mortuary Drape (Italy)
Incantation (USA)
Demoncy (USA)
Vomitor (Australia)
Metalucifer (Japan)
Sabbat (Japan)
Doombringer (Poland)
Cauchemar (Canada)
Morbosidad (USA)
Demonomancy (Italy)
Witchcraft (Finland)
Chaos Echoes (France)
Ares Kingdom (USA)
Nuclearhammer (Canada)
Irreverent (USA)

Venue info:
Postbahnhof Club
Straße der Pariser Kommune 8
10243 Berlin

Purchase tickets here:

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Official After show Party on all days @ Blackland Club.
Sponsored by Justine Productions and Zero Tolerance Magazine