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Nocturnal Depression - exclusive song streaming

"Deathcade" the anniversary album of the French suicide combo, Nocturnal Depression celebrating the band's 10 years of live activities, will be out in March 2017 through  Sun & Moon Records!

The album contains 9 well known songs by Nocturnal Depression re-recorded entirely last year in Mederock Studios (studio who handled Spleen Black Metal album). 

Exclusive song premier here in Mirgilus Siculorum:


Nocturnal Depression - "Deathcade" 2017 digipack CD (Sun & Moon Records)

1. And Fall The February Snow

2. Spring

3. They

4. Spleen Black Metal

5. Her Ghost Haunts These Walls

6. Hear My Voice...Kill Yourself

7. Anthem to Self-Destruction

8. Nostalgia

9. Dead Children


Special guests like Dorian Bones (Caronte/Whiskey Ritual), Graf von Baphomet (Psychonaut 4), etc also appearing on the anniversary album.

"Neurasthenic European Deathcade Tour 2017" with Nocturnal Depression and Psychonaut 4  from the end of March, see dates on flyer!