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New additions in mailorder

New additions in Mailorder, 07/03/2014

NOCTURNAL DEPRESSION - L’isolement 7" EP 2013 (2 new songs, limited to 500) FRA (8,-)

AD HOMINEM - Climax Of Hatred 2005 (3rd album French genocide Black Metal) FRA (10,-)

SPITE EXTREME WING - Vltra 2008 (the last album from this great Italian Black Metal act) ITA (11,-)

DARKSPACE - Dark Space -I 2012 (Re-release of the band's first demo, entirely re-recorded. digisleeve CD) CH (12,-)

DROWNING THE LIGHT - An Alignment of Dead Stars 2009 (black metal, new album on Avantgarde!) AUS (10,-)

FORGOTTEN TOMB - Vol. 5 1999-2009 2010 2XCD (compilation CDs with old tracks, depressive-suicide black-doom metal, a must release for the fans!) ITA (14,-)

GRIM FUNERAL - Abdication Under Funeral Dirge 2013 (Black metal doom, the 2nd full length album!) SPA (10,-)

NOCTURNAL DEPRESSION - The Cult of Negation digi 2010 (suicide-depressive Black Metal, a bit different from the previous albums, 4th full length) FRA (12,-)