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Manilla Road at Old Grave Fest

MANILLA ROAD at Old Grave Fest

Romanian Thrash Metal Club is honored to announce the presence, for the first time in Romania, of one of the eldest and most influential bands in American and world metal. An acknowledged inspiration source for countless traditional and extreme metal acts, from DARKTHRONE or MESSIAH to SLOUGH FEG or IRONSWORD, regarded as a true institution of classic metal and as the bringers of epic into heavy metal, MANILLA ROAD takes its place between the headliners of Romanian Thrash Metal Fest 3rd edition - Old Grave Fest, an event scheduled between 10-11 October 2014, in Club Fabrica, str. 11 Iunie nr. 50, Bucharest.

Founded in 1977, in Wichita, Kansas, MANILLA ROAD is, besides JUDAS PRIEST (an admitted influence on the Americans), one of the very few metal legends that debuted as a proto-metal group, with psychedelic inclinations in the americans’ case, a style that was soon discarded in favour of a more aggressive approach. On the course of a massive discography, counting no less than 16 full-lengths to this day, MANILLA ROAD experimented extensively in multiple metal subgenres, all the while, regardless of the approached style, accomplishing an original, easily recognoscible, own identity, eternaly connected to the primordial heavy metal roots, and always enhanced to an epic scope.

Thus, MANILLA ROAD’s discography is a fluid mix, where heavy metal hymns, fast and catchy, such as the famous Necropolis or Divine Victim, doom mastodons, hypnotic and etherial, like The Ninth Wave or The Veils Of Negative Existence, rugged and abrasive speed/thrash cuts, such as Up From The Crypt or Whitechapel and, of course, memorable epics like Astronomica or The Deluge, coexist naturally, most of the times within the same album. Always keeping in the forefront the nasal voice and magical guitar of one of the most picturesque and talented heavy metal personalities, Mark „The Shark” Shelton, the americans’ career features albums regarded as legendary today, and it’s mandatory to evoke a few from the seminal decade of the 80’s, such as Crystal Logic (1983), Open The Gates (1985), Mystification (1987) or Out Of The Abyss (1988). After a hiatus in the mid 90’s, MANILLA ROAD returned in early 2000’s with a series of 6 new albums (so far) that maintain the same spirit and compositional level, and we recall the excellent Spiral Castle (2002), Voyager (2008) or their most recent, Mysterium (2013).

Mark Shelton and MANILLA ROAD will come to Bucharest in October and, until then, we can only heed the counsel from a famous DARKTHRONE chorus: “I’ve made my own code/Sold my soul to MANILLA ROAD”. And wish you the traditional “Up The Hammers & Down The Nails!”

At the moment, the Old Grave Fest line-up looks like this:

Grave (Sweden), Manilla Road (US), Cancer (UK), Desaster (Germany), Root (Czech Republic), Bombarder (Serbia), Sodomizer (Brasil), Bölzer (Switzerland), Deathstorm (Austria), Hellcannon (USA), Slaughtered Priest (Greece), Obsessör (Germany), Vehementer (Serbia), Extirpation (Italy), Necrochakal (Greece). More bands will be confirmed.

Until the 31st of May, the price for a two day ticket is only 115 ron! This offer is LIMITED to 100 tickets, that can be purchased through Tickets can also be purchased directly from RTMC website (, online through websites and, (where they may be ordered both in electronic format - print @ home – online payment via card or Paypal, tickets are received on e-mail, and the buyer either prints them and brings them, or shows them on smartphone or tablet at admission) as well as in physical format, with payment on delivery or via payment order. For payment on delivery or payment order, please e-mail contact [at] or call 0040.0741.272.967, between 09:00-18:00 CET, Monday to Friday) and through, or through the EVENTIM network.

During June 1st – September 30th, a two day ticket will be 135 ron, and starting with October 1st, the price will be 155 ron.

Romanian Thrash Metal Fest 3rd edition - Old Grave Fest is a Romanian Thrash Metal Club event, supported and organized solely by its members.