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Malign returns!

Malign unveils new song, line-up and webpage on the summer solstice.

Official statement from the band:

Lo and behold!
On this day we have chosen to unleash upon thee the titletrack from our forthcoming 10'EP "A Sun To Scorch"

Music and words available now at our newly launched webpage:

This EP will be released through Norma Evangelium Diaboli and The Ajna Offensive.
More information on how to order will be disclosed when the actual physical release is at hand.

CD and Cassette versions will follow at a later point in time.

We would at this moment also like to present two new full time members.
Malign is a quartet consisting of founding members Nord (Vocals) and Mörk (Bass & Guitar) completed by Intet (Drums) and Evig (Guitar) who were initiated into the band in 2014.

We'd lastly like to express our appreciation for the everburning dedication, vigilance and patience of all our supporters worldwide.

A lot more is yet to come for those who hunger!