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After hiding in the depths of the underworld for a long period of time, the gates of Hades finally opened to unchain its untamed metallic beast, Okkulto is back!

13 years gone
3rd August 2014

For all those who stood loyal...

Today it is exactly 13 years ago, since I played my last gig with DESASTER at the famous Wacken-Open Air in front of over 20,000 people. It was the highlight of my career with the band and the grand finale of a long, long way from a small demo band to the (for us) much too large stage at Wacken. But seeing Metalheads from all over the World bangin' their heads to our own songs was unique. So this date is still very special to me. And so, this is the perfect day for a special announcement for a new chapter, a new metallic force.

But let's start from the beginning.

Some weeks after the Wacken-gig I left the band due to personal reasons. I was completely fed up with music business and its scene structures, fed up with investing all my limited spare time, etc.. I just wanted to be a fan again, without any obligations. Ok, first I was free, but soon after, I ended up completely empty handed. Everything I was dedicated to was gone and there was a huge missing part in my life.

Time passed by without any goal or any new idea of how to continue. After 2 monotonous years it was long time friend "Aethon" who came to me with some rough ideas and guitar-riffs to which I possibly could sing. He knew my faible for straight forward riffs and raw structures and I really liked what he played to me. His loyalty as a friend, his dedication and total enthusiasm for music, brought the fever back to me. Over the years we had lots of ideas, tested vocal-lines, lyrics, but nothing ever progressed towards a serious level. Some sort of line-ups were tested, without success.

In the meantime, during all these years, a lot of people still showed me their faith and respect. It really honoured me, especially because usually in today's fast moving music business people are soon forgotten. For this reason, I sworn to myself one day I'll return them a favour for their die hard support.

In early 2013, DESASTER asked me to support them on stage at their Jubileum-Show in Bamberg. While the idea forming a new band had become more concrete, I liked the idea of rehearsing with DESASTER and to see how the audience would react. The rehearsals went really great and from the first moment playing the old songs with the guys it was magical.

Then, Bamberg was like a firework. The reaction and support of the audience after so many years of absence was unbelievable. This was the moment I felt I finally had to put all my powers together to fix my own band.

After some nice correspondences in Bamberg with former DESASTER drummer ALEX (who played on the very first demos in 88/89), I remembered his powerful drumming during the show and his fine personality. Some weeks later I asked him to have some sessions together. After a little while I knew - he is 100% the missing link we were looking for all those years. With his strong drumming, his talent, his understanding for music and his loyal character, he was the perfect choice.

So, with the addition of a bassplayer "MAGMA", the original axeman "AETHON" and me, the new force is complete, and finally here it is... EURYNOMOS.

The musical material consists of riffs and raw ideas from, more or less, the last 11 years which finally shaped into real songs now, while other parts were created spontaneously at the rehearsal place in the heat of the moment.

EURYNOMOS, a real band and not a project, stands for tradition. There is no ambition to create something new here. It is an homage to the music we've grown up with, music from an era that was ruled by mysterious bands dressed in spikes, chains, leather and bullets. Bands who reigned the 80's with their obscure powerful riffs, pounding sounds and untamed emotions. The raw spontaneous energy that those bands had on their early recordings is what we want to capture in our music. No compromises here!

So join us on this way, guys....
And to all those who've been so faithful through all these years, this is also yours - the wait is finally over!

More on this place soon...

(Summer 2014)