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Editorial - Mirgilus salutem, 2014 March

Ladies and gentlemen, friends, supporters & enemies,
after a long undead status as a webmagazine, we are reborn from the ashes with a totally new design and website for the new era.

Everything started in 2000 when I and my old friend Kovács Lehel founded the first Romanian underground, extreme music webmagazine called Mirgilus Siculorum (anger of the Szeklers in English), few months later joined to the team my old comrade Rob and my girlfiend Zsozsó, later Woodlum666 (the madman).

In the past few years (14) we wrote tons of reviews, we made hundreds of interviews and we obtained lots of hate from our enemies becuase of our "freedom of speech" attitude and uncrompromised writings. We published 3 issues of the notorius "Cross Of Black Steel" magazine and released lots of tapes through "Mirgilus Siculorum Records" and we sold tons of stuff (CD/LP/tape/merch) from our webshop/mailorder to the world.

so, we are return, only me and Rob and the purpose is the same as in the beginning was:

Spreading the Transylvanian madness
No politics or dogmas
No religion or faith
No standard or agenda
No mercy or regrets!
Extreme music transmission, no boundaries!

We are focusing on reviews, reports and interviews no bullshit news, no gossips and other trendy stuff, just pure underground jurnalism, this time everything in English, but do not expect academical, oxfordian British English from us, just pure, simple compositions, "straight to the point" reviews and long, detailed and very interesting interviews. Expect an attack on untrue music.

The old, cvlt mirgilus zine will be available on archive link (black link on the site, down under on left) for the history!

by Mirgilus, 2014 March 04