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Death Nöize - Fullmoon Fury Ritual, new album

Second Death Nöize album will be out really soon!

Message from Nekroführer:

"Dear fans, friends, enemies, bitches etc.
After 3 years of total debauchery and boozing the works of the „Fullmoon Fury Ritual” album finally has come to an end.
Unfortunately a few things made our existence as a band harder, like changing jobs, moving, line-up changes and last, but not least some promises of which none was realized…
The new (second) album will appear under the aegis of Finnish label Bestial Burst sooner or later.
Thank you for your support and that you follow us!
Nekroführer/Death Nöize squad"

Exclusive songs premier from the „Fullmoon Fury Ritual” album here in Mirgilus Siculorum: