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Dead Bronco - The Annunciation European tour 2022

Here are the official dates for the European Tour. More dates:


"WTF is BLACK FOLK and why do Cowboys hate it?"

Matt Horan, from Davie, Florida, frustrated with the music scene in his home state decided to venture off to other lands in search of a better life. In 2011 Horan created Dead Bronco in the Basque Country, Spain. They first began as a country cow punk band but Horan's heavy influence of metal kept seeping through like a cancer causing each album to get darker and heavier; a sound we call Black Folk were americana gothic, punk, and black metal are twined together creating a very earthy yet electrical decadent sound with a sincere fury straight from the depths of the Florida swamps but with the essence and respect of the cold and rainy mountains of the north of Spain.



DB was considered the most promising band by the BBC Music Video Awards (2013), best rock band PopEye (2015), and the prestigious Rock Villa Madrid (2016), where Horan was also awarded best guitarist. Shortly after finishing “Driven by Frustration”, he wrote ¨The Shepherd¨ (2018) a battle song made for the conservation society ¨Sea Shepherd¨ and the band was awarded Best Folk album by Mondo Sonoro. The Annunciation reached number two in the charts of Mondo Sonoro (Spain) for best album (2019).

Dead Bronco has no off season, they are always on tour. Since 2012 the band has put in their share of miles, they have done 6 complete european tours and one US tour with over 600 shows performed including Sziget Festival, Budapest, Zwarte Cross Festival, Netherlands, and Muddy Roots Festival, USA. 

Prophets of many lands, dragging their message of americana roots through the mud with a heavy influence of folk, punk and metal leaving their mark on every plain like an unstoppable plague. It´s difficult to kill something that´s already dead.