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Brutal Assault 24 - 2019 Band update


If you want death metal in it’s finest, then you would love the fact, that one of the most controversial bands, DEICIDE, are coming with their new album Overtures of Blasphemy to decimate the fortress and crush your heads!

Speaking of blasphemy and devil, on the other hand are standing DIABLO SWING ORCHESTRA, with their blend of many different genres, which is a thing not only for fans of avant-garde metal.

Following the massive response from the last summer, the forest fairy MYRKUR returns to our festival to conquer the sceptics yet again! The soft appearance can indeed be hiding for a dark soul… The quick succession also serves as a mean of apology for the unfinished show from this year.
Virginia's heavy psychedelic quartet WINDHAND presents infectious display of songcraft cloaked in alluring atmosphere, molten fuzz, eerie psychedelia and ethereal vocals.

The Ohio satanic royalty MIDNIGHT approaches metal from its dirty side and will finally send shockwaves of rock’n’roll violence through the BA crowds, subjugating and dominating all metalheads with lust, filth, and sleaze! You Can't Stop Steel!

And the finale will belong to the black hordes, that shall look forward for continuation of the bleak, dark and disillusioned MGŁA style of black metal, coming forth with both their anticipated new record and a Brutal Assault performance!

And NECROS CHRISTOS will commit their final hour with their final album Domedon Doxomedon to a performance cutting a swath of destruction through both the zeitgeist of modern heavy music and the walls of our beloved fortress with their first and last appearance at BA.

Let’s kick off this update with OF MICE & MEN! Mix strong rock melodies reminiscing the golden era of hard rock with memorable hooks and juvenile energy of these contemporary American stars and you get a helluva strong blend of metalcore fit for festival crowds!

If you lust for straight-forward aggressive new wave hardcore, you should look forward for LIONHEART, who are now obliterating stages and music charts alike with their latest record Welcome to The West Coast Pt. II!


Here we are again with another lineup update and we truly hope this announcement will metal up your day! Last time we announced German thrashers DESTRUCTION and this time we're announcing their Teutonic compatriots TANKARD with 6,66% of thrash and alcohol in their veins!
This update spans from one side of the moshing spectrum to the other – straight, raw and relentless hardcore with a pinch of British brat-like attitude – exactly what you'd expect from the Leeds' own HIGHER POWER. Also British but bit more emotional type of music comes with the announcement of the one and only ANATHEMA, who will come to comfort your downcast souls..
There are many bands inspired by ANATHEMA, but only a few of them do it in their own unique way. One of these bands are OCEANS OF SLUMBER. These dark progressive Texans lead by the unforgettable voice of Cammie Gilbert will be a treat for lovers of dreamy and emotive melodies. We’ll stick with dark tunes for a little longer and introduce you to the death/doom metal sextet from Belarus, WOE UNTO ME, who will come with their latest work 'The Voidness Flasher' (2017).
And now something for the death dealers! New York death metal legends IMMOLATION will once again present a showcase of death metal domination. And equally important name in the genre history are the Swedish kings waking up after a long slumber –

The last slot in this announcement belongs to the dark black metal project from Finland – VARGRAV. A shady veil of mystery is covering this group and this will be only one of the very few gigs they will do in 2019. Their set will open a window of time taking you to the 90's and will especially pleasure all the fans of LIMBONIC ART, ABIGOR, or early EMPEROR.