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Brutal Assault 22 - running order, lineup changes and warm-up party

We now bring you our running order, we’ve just made it available in the SCHEDULE section on our web.

Now to line-up changes, unfortunately we were forced to seek replacement for AEON but we quickly found very appropriate one in HOUR OF PENANCE. The same applies for PROTECTOR who will be replaced by ARTILLERY, making their BA debut in their 35 years long history. We can also announce that PROTECTOR will make their BA appearance next year. To our utter disappointment MORBID ANGEL cancelled the whole European tour due to passport issues. We’re doing our best to find a proper replacement but given the short notice the options are limited. Last band to leave our roster on last minute are SOEN, on the other hand our last minute acquisition are UADA from Portland.

Last but not least, good news for those of you, who plan to party in Josefov since Tuesday 8th August, we will hold an official warm up party on a Red Bull Tour Bus in the town’s center. Live bands will be on from 8PM till 11PM and the line-up is HENTAI CORPORATION, LOCOMOTIVE, ČAD, MORKHIMMEL, HUMAN HUMUS in this particular order.

Our new FULFILLMENT service we have informed You about recently is a part of our strategy to elimite waiting queues to enter the festival area. We still have in mind the events of last year's festival Wednesday and so we are implementing strategy to get rid of the queues. Apart from the fulfillment service that will check-in lots of people at home, we are doubling our capacity for swapping with one extra tent with the same overall capacity we had available last year. On top of that we're gonna learn from problematic issues we encountered the last time so the queues won't happen again.

We're now approaching selling out of our VIP CAMP, so VIP CAMP 2 is being added to the e-shop as of now. Based on numerous inquiries we also added party tent option to our VIP camp but since these are taking a lot of space and we don't generally want them, the price will be corresponding to a large 6 person tent. Next thing we need to adress based on frequent queries is the parking, we are completely sold out and have no extra capacity at our disposal. Last notice is a good news for travellers from far who don't want to carry their own tent, we have now added a service to our eshop where you can order a tent be picked up at VIP camping reception.

We now bring you detailed instructions on our FULFILLMENT service. We’ve informed about the service last week, for more info please check the last post on our web. These instructions are meant for those who DON’T have festival tickets yet and will be ordering tickets now. Both new paper tickets and print@home tickets are eligible for this service. Those of you who already have bought their tickets will get detailed instructions via email in next two days. However from all the tickets that have been already sold, only print@home tickets are eligible for this service. Because of technical reasons fulfillment is therefore NOT available for paper tickets bought via our e-shop PRIOR TO TODAY and other types of tickets than print@home tickets from our e-shop .

FULFILLMENT service ordering instructions – new orders

1) Make a new order for whatever desired number of tickets. The basket will automatically be supplemented with the FULFILLMENT service. In case you don’t wish to order this service, just simply uncheck the checkbox for this item before you proceed to checkout.
2) The price for sending the wristbands is 6€ regardless on the number of ordered tickets.
3) Proceed to checkout in ordinary fashion.
4) Pay your order before 14.7.2017 (all types of payments) or before 19.7.2017 (card and paypal payments). Any orders made after this date cannot be processed for you to get your wristbands in due time. Expect to get the wristbands during the first week in August.

In case you made and paid your order in time but didn’t get the wristbands before leaving for the festival for whatever reason, please contact our customer care via email at: We’ll disable the sent wristband(s) and assign you a new one on spot.

Brutal Assault is a completely cashless festival where you pay for goods, foods and drinks by RFID chip on your wristband. To ease things up for you, this year we are implementing a new service – FULFILLMENT. Starting this Monday, everyone who bought a ticket via our eshop (both print@home ticket and classic paper ticket) will be able to order this service via our eshop.
This service will be available for a limited period of time (so everything is processed in due time - details coming on Monday) for a fixed price of 6€ per order (no matter how many tickets were included in the order) and upon ordering, you will receive your wristband by airmail a week before the festival, so you don’t have to wait in line to get your ticket swapped for a wristband on the festival site. You will be able to come straight through the festival gates and if you pre-load credit on your wristband you will be straight out able to enjoy yourself without having to deal with swapping tickets or loading money onto your wristband.