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Barathrum reissues & unreleased album

From Saturnal Records: "With distant rumble of bone drums we are proud to announce of our next releases to be completely unreleased recording from the forgotten archives of mighty Finnish black metal cult BARATHRUM titled ”Jetblack Warmetal” and first ever re-issue of the band’s infamous Jetblack EP from the year 1997.

”Jetblack Warmetal” was recorded originally at studio sessions in 1993 but for various reasons at the time the album left unreleased till today. Now in 2014, the sound of this album is still timeless, powerful and filthy which represents not only the classic underground era of Barathrum but also the echoes from the second wave of black metal.

CD version includes the band’s Jetblack EP as a bonus tracks that will be released also the way the band originally wanted in the form of 7” EP and LP version of this unreleased gem will be released without Jetblack songs.

Release dates will be announced in near future together pre-ordering info, tracklist and some musical samples.

The following months should be interesting to Barathrum fans in many ways. There will be more to come, but more will be revelealed later, so keep up with our updates..."