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Asgardsrei Fest 2017

This winter the legends of radical Black Metal are coming to Kiev! After a great success in 2016, Militant Zone expands the festival line-up – on December 16, six bands representing six countries are uniting forces to unleash the wild hunt: ABSURD (Germany), PESTE NOIRE (France), GOATMOON (Finland), NAER MATARON (Greece), M8L8TH (Russia), BURSHTYN (Ukraine).

ASGARDSREI 2017 festival is going to be held at the Sentrum Club – one of the top concert halls in central Kiev. Last year the venue was overcrowded, so this year we are limiting the number of available tickets to 1200. Standard tickets are 35 EUR; sitting place with a table on the second floor is 50 EUR (limited to 50 places). Tickets are already available to order online, the shipping for this item is FREE.

ABSURD – the iron fist of Teutonic Black Metal rises again! For the first time in band’s history the legendary Germanic skalds are coming to the Slavic lands.

PESTE NOIRE – French Black Metal Kommando is back at the Asgardsrei festival – now stronger than ever! After a series of great performances, Famine prepares a special live set and leads his troops on Kiev once again.

GOATMOON – in the dark winter night Finnish steel storm rides over the city! Known for its live acts, GOATMOON presents a unique program, performing the old hymns along with the new songs from their latest album “Stella Polaris”.

NAER MATARON – shining with golden light, the legends of Hellenic Black Metal come at dawn! After a successful release of their new album earlier this year, NAER MATARON is ready for live assaults.

M8L8TH – Militant Black Metal stormtroopers prepare a whole clip of fresh ammunition for this winter’s main event!

BURSHTYN – a rising Black Metal act with a distinct Slavonic sound from the masterminds behind DUB BUK. The band is getting ready to release their second album this year, mixing new material with some old DUB BUK songs in their live set.

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