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Arckanum - final album & the end

”Den Förstfödde” is Arckanum’s 9th studio album after 25 years of existence, and this will be Arckanum’s final album.

It is time for me to move on and I will continue my Thursian journey elsewhere. ”Den Förstfödde” is a dedication to Loki’s and Gullveig’s firstborn, Jörmungandr. The songs are invocations, prayers and magical formulas, and they are designed to enkindle the black flames of Thursian Powers, its followers and Ragnarök. “Blow your venom and stretch your wings, oh Mighty Dragon!”

I am very thankful to all the people that have supported me and my band Arckanum throughout all these years and although I have put Arckanum to rest I hope you will look forward to my future endeavors. The reason why I am retiring Arckanum is that I want to focus fully on my spiritual ventures and my authorship. Since it craves an extreme amount of energy for me to create an Arckanum album, I have come to understand that this is not what I want to do in this chapter of my life.

My life is imbued by the mysteries of the underworldly powers and their runes; the path of those who walk amongst the trolls and the thurses, rebelling the laws and restrictions of the gods of Ásgarðr. My flaming blood has connected with the primordial Thursian bloodline, big magical workings are in head of me, there is too much to do. Hence my priorities must change as I transform and evolve. There is no room for stagnation, not in the past, not in the present.

Hereby, in the year of 2018, I declare Arckanum concluded, but this does not mean that I have written off making music all together.

For those who are interested in following me in my forthcoming explorations, you can find me under the pseudonym Ekortu.

Heill kyni Þursa!

Shamaatae af areldom 2018