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“The greatest shits list” from 2013

In every year’s end the best of lists just coming like mushrooms from everywhere, the best albums list, the best bands, the best concert, bla bla, here is my “The greatest shits list” from 2013,
the Let downs list of 2013 in music industry and not only, read & enjoy:

- Watain - The Wild Hunt, Hammerheart era Bathory rip-off with cheesy Bon Jovi style ballad faggottery (They Rode on)

- No Mercyful Fate reunion!!!!

- Metallica concert in Antarctica, after St. Anger & Lulu they can go deeper and deeper, the greatest useless shit from this year.

- Darkthrone - The Underground Resistance

- Nocturno Culto's “Gift of Gods”, oh my god! What the hell is wrong with you Nocturno?

- Death Metal, all died in 1993, trigger and boring over and over again

- Satyricon – Satyricon, except Sivert Høyem, he is great, the rest is zero!

- Pete Sandoval, embraced the soul of baby Jesus

- Blood Ceremony - The Eldritch Dark, no more occult 70’s rip-off rock, metal please!

- Ghost - Infestissumam, pop music is not metal, just suck Dave Grohl’s dick to eternity

- Burzum - Sôl austan, Mâni vestan, please stop releasing more albums dear Varg, boring and boring, $$$$$$$$$$$$

- Varg Vikernes, all hysteria about his personality and cloudy ideas, arrested, not arrested, terrorist not terrorist, pagan, white, simple just fuck off! 

- In Solitude – Sister, boring as fucking hell

- The Devil’s Blood is no more!

- Tormentor reissue LPs price and shitty distribution method

- Shining - 8 ½ - Feberdrömmar i vaket tillstånd, the perfect method, how can make easy money

- Audience in Control Club Bucharest at the Swans gig

- Dave Grohl - still alive and well

- Death in June concert cancelled in Transylvania, thank you for your incompetence dear organizers

- Romanian metal festivals, too much egos, less good bands 

- Romanian post, worse and even worse

- Romanian metal scene & metal heads

- Metalhead Romania, not metal at all, just cancan

- Moonblood vinyl box set

- Ildjarn reissues on Season of Mist

- Deafheaven – Sunbather, hipster homo, post-gay anti metal 

- Jeff Hanneman's death

- Slayer in 2013

- New Necrophobic

- Carcass live

- AC Milan, no comment!

- Morrisey being gay

- Inquisition touring with shitty bands

- Fear of the Dark on the “Somewhere back in time” track-list

- Occult rock & metal trend

by Mirgilus